Automatic Delivery

Automatic delivery is a great convenience that truly costs you nothing (more about that below). Instead of watching your fuel gauge and placing an order every time you need a delivery, entrust North Shore Fuel to keep you supplied. We plan your delivery dates in advance and adjust to changing weather conditions, which we monitor with a Degree Day system. If the weather is mild, deliveries are less frequent. If the weather is cold, our truck arrives sooner.

There are cynics who believe that oil companies take advantage of Automatic Delivery to make deliveries when prices are highest. We can't speak for any other companies, but we can promise you that we will never do that. Treating customers fairly every day is our promise at North Shore Fuel.

Automatic delivery does help us keep overhead down, because we can plan our delivery schedule for maximum efficiency with a minimum of wasted mileage—which helps us keep costs low. We thank all our Automatic Delivery customers for helping us control our operating costs.

To request Automatic Delivery, including system installation, please call or contact North Shore Fuel today.