Budget Plan

Heating expenses can pile up in winter when you pay for each heating oil delivery as you receive it, because you are paying the bulk of your heating costs during the cold months. To avoid a winter budget squeeze, you can enroll in the North Shore Fuel Budget Plan. This replaces the pay-on-delivery method with a regimen of predictable monthly payments.

Enrollment is before the heating season, so we can estimate your total heating expenses for the next year by combining your expected oil consumption (based on past usage) and the anticipated average price of heating oil. We divide that total by 11 to calculate your monthly payment, then bill you that amount on the same day every month for 11 months.

iS_14027868.jpgWith the Budget Plan, your bills will be lower during the heating season, because you pay the same monthly amount no matter how many deliveries we make in a given month. You get out in front of your heating expenses and we pay 2 percent annual interest on your account balance. You can also include the cost of your service policy in your Budget Plan.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Budget Plan relies on estimates in setting your monthly payment amount. When fuel prices rise or usage increases, the total cost can increase. If we believe that your total payment is increasing, we may call and recommend a payment adjustment to prevent you finishing the budget year with an outstanding balance. You may also call the office at any time to inquire.

To learn more about the Budget Plan or to enroll, please call or contact North Shore Fuel today.