Our History of Quality Service

With a history dating back more than 85 years, today North Shore Fuel serves the entire North Shore and Greater Boston Area. We've grown into more than just an Oilheat delivery provider. From Oilheat and gas heat equipment installations and maintenance to central air conditioning services, North Shore Fuel is a full-service heating and cooling service provider.

North Shore Fuel was started in 1930 when company founder Max Litman began supplying heating coal to the working-class neighborhood of Revere, Massachusetts. During World War II, when many local men were shipped overseas helping to defend our country, North Shore Fuel continued to supply coal and also began delivering heating oil to ensure our neighbors' homes were kept warm and comfortable.

As the decades passed, North Shore Fuel evolved with the times, embracing modern convenience and technological advancements in order to better serve our customers. While technology has changed over the years, one thing that hasn't and never will change is our full-service commitment to our customers.

In 2015, North Shore Fuel partnered with another local longtime family-run business, MacFarlane Energy. Together MacFarlane Energy and North Shore Fuel are providing North Shore customers with top-notch service to meet their diverse heating, cooling, fueling, and efficiency needs.