Natural Gas Service Plans

North Shore Fuel is committed to keeping you comfortable, no matter how you heat your home. For customers who choose to heat their homes with natural gas, North Shore Fuel offers two comprehensive service plan options: the Gold Plan and the Platinum Plan. Both plans offer the same benefits; the difference is that while Gold Plans are not applicable to natural gas heating equipment with an AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency) of 85 percent or higher, the Platinum Plan is.

Benefits of the Gold Plan and the Platinum Plan include:

  • Priority service from experts who are focused on your home comfort needs
  • Expert conservation advice
  • Expert service and consultations on cost-saving, high-efficiency equipment
  • 20 percent discount toward repairs, parts and services
  • Two-hour appointment window
  • Multiple Policy Discount
  • Exclusive offers on new products
  • FREE Preventative Maintenance

To enroll in the Gold Plan or the Platinum Plan and get coverage for your natural gas heating equipment, call or contact North Shore Fuel today. For more information on these plans, as well as our Natural Gas Water Heater Service Plan, please call or click on the brochure thumbnail to the right.

Natural Gas Water Heater Plan

Customers who purchase a Platinum Plan or Gold Plan can also opt in for the Natural Gas Water Heater Service Plan. This plan provides all of the same benefits as the above plans, except for your natural gas-fired water heater. It is only available to customers who have also purchased a service plan for their main heating unit.