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New Report Shows Lost Natural Gas Emissions Costing Millions To Massachusetts's Gas Customers And Harming Environment

Boston, MA November 28, 2012 - Today the Conservation Law Foundation (CLF) released a white paper that, for the first time, documents the enormous environmental and economic consequences of aging, leaky natural gas pipes around Massachusetts. These leaking gases, known as "fugitive emissions," amount to a significant source of greenhouse gases, pollution that hinders the state's efforts to achieve the mandates of the Global Warming Solutions Act. Meanwhile, gas customers are saddled with paying for all of the gas that is lost into thin air, to the tune of tens of millions of dollars each year.

"Every year, millions of tons of powerful global warming causing gases are lost through aging, leaky pipes - and yet there's no incentive to fix them. Gas companies are allowed to - and do - pass the cost and risk onto Massachusetts customers," said Shanna Cleveland, CLF Staff Attorney and lead author on the whitepaper. "To put this in perspective, these losses are larger than the gains made by the state's nation-leading gas efficiency programs, and the losses are passed on to customers at a cost of $38.8 million annually. The good news is that we can easily tackle this problem, and conserve a valuable resource while reducing customer costs. CLF's report provides a set of practical solutions for the state and gas companies to do just that."

Despite the risk that aging, leaky pipelines pose to public safety, to the environment, and to ratepayers, current state and federal policies actually provide disincentives for pipeline owners to aggressively find and fix these leaks, unless they pose an immediate threat. In addition, there is no reliable methodology for calculating the actual amount of fugitive emissions. As a consequence, the greenhouse gas emissions from these leaks amount to as much as 4% of the state's total greenhouse gas emissions from all sources - pollution that must be reduced in order to avoid the most significant impacts of climate change. In addition, reducing leaks while increasing the efficiency of existing natural gas infrastructure could provide a more cost-effective, environmentally beneficial means of meeting energy needs in lieu of investing in more expensive new gas pipelines and power plants. As reflected in CLF's report, repairing leaky gas pipes offers an opportunity to secure energy benefits that customers already pay for but do not receive.

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