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High-Efficiency Air Conditioners Keep You Cool All Summer

The air conditioning industry has made enormous strides in efficiency in recent years, and many homeowners can drive down their cooling costs by 40 percent or more by upgrading to new equipment. Switching from a typical older system rated at 10 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) to a modern high-efficiency system rated at 16 SEER can cut cooling bills by 42 percent. Customers who want to maximize energy efficiency can choose an even higher rated system for higher savings. Today's most efficient systems carry SEER ratings of 20 or higher.

North Shore Fuel installs a wide variety of air conditioning equipment, including mini-duct, mini-split and high-velocity systems that are perfect for retrofitting because they do not use traditional, full-size steel ducts. We also offer an Air Conditioning Service Plan to prolong the life of your cooling system and ensure it is achieving its full efficiency potential.

Here is a look at some of the air conditioning manufacturers whose equipment we install:


lennox.pngEconomical, environmentally responsible, energy-efficient, quiet, and cool as can be, Lennox air conditioning units come stamped with the ENERGY STAR® seal of approval, as well as North Shore Fuel's highest possible recommendation. We install a wide variety of Lennox makes and models from the company's Signature®, Elite® and Merit® series. Each offers its own exclusive features that will help transform your home into an oasis of cool comfort.


york.pngYork is known for reliable, high-performance equipment that has been recognized with the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval and honored as a Best Buy by Consumers Digest. Many York systems carry an ENERGY STAR® rating, indicating high efficiency and affordable operation. North Shore Fuel installs the York Affinity series of central air conditioners, which offers SEER rating as high as 18. The Affinity's two-stage compressor and QuietDrive™ system provide years of quiet, reliable operation.
York models we install: Affinity CZH, CZF, CZB, TLHD, LX YCJF, LX YCJD, Latitude TCGF, Latitude TCGD


carrier.pngFrom furnaces to central air conditioners to heat pumps to air filters, Carrier is dedicated to improving our customers' quality of life by creating comfortable, healthy environments in which to live. Millions of people the world over trust Carrier's leadership and expertise in delivering premium solutions for their home heating and cooling needs. Across the globe, Carrier ships one residential heating/cooling system every 3 seconds and installs a unit every 6 seconds. Carrier offers four lines of central air conditioner, including the premium Infinity® Series, which offers SEER ratings as high as 21.
Carrier models we install: Infinity, Performance series, Comfort series, Base series

American Standard

american-standard.pngThere's standard air conditioning, and then there's American Standard air conditioning. American Standard offers central air conditioning systems that are in a class all their own. Designed to keep you and your home cool on even the hottest days, the brand's AccuComfort™, Platinum, Gold and Silver series models all pack a one-two punch of complete comfort and energy savings. Features include variable speed cooling, multi-stage cooling, humidity control and more.

Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi.pngIf you've always wanted central air conditioning, but don't want to deal with the inconvenience of installing ductwork in your home, you'll appreciate the Mitsubishi "Mr. Slim" Ductless Mini-Split A/C System. This energy-efficient ductless system is perfect for installing in tight, compact spaces. The Mr. Slim consists of two units: a slim-line outdoor condenser, and an indoor air handler. The condenser supplies coolant to the air handler through refrigerant lines that run through a small opening in the wall or ceiling and into the back of the unit. The air handler takes in supply air from the room through the front grill and dispenses the newly cooled air back into the room.
Mitsubishi models we install: M Series, P Series, S Series

To request a free evaluation of your central air conditioner or inquire about a replacement, please contact us online or call our office.

We also install:

  • SpacePak air conditioning (WCSP, ESPV, ESP-F)
  • Unico Air conditioning (VP, HP)
  • Trane air conditioning (XL201, XL15I, XR15, XB14, XR13, XB13
  • Trane air handlers: Hyperion, 2/4 TEE, 2/4 THE
  • Concord condensers: 4AC14, 4AC16, 4AC18, 4AC13
  • American Standard condensers (Platinum ZM, Platinum XM, Gold XI, Gold SI, Silver SI, Silver XI)


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